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Transformed Living

July 21st, 2009 No comments

1 Cor. 6:9-20 (20)

When something or someone is transformed they are radically altered. I remember it well. We were enjoying the fiery message as Ernie Trotter the Irish evangelist preached to the crowd during General Camp and Overland Park, Kansas. The atmosphere was intense as we listened carefully to his proclamation of the gospel. Then it happened. We heard a unexpected and startling explosion and immediately the auditorium lights went out.

Later we discovered that an electric transformer on the campus at Kansas City College and Bible School had exploded. Businesses and residences were effected all around. Why? When something or someone is transformed they are radically altered. The mega amounts of electric current passed through the transformer and were altered so that homes could be lighted, electric ranges and ovens could operate, alarm clocks and other appliances could function. Without the transforming radically changing source they were useless.

When we come to God He radically transforms our lives. When we are born again we are forgiven, our guilt disappears, our status changes, our habits, desires and purposes are radically altered. When we are entirely sanctified the great Transformer infuses us with holy power, boldness and strength for purity and service. Has your life been radically altered by the great Transformer?

Dr. Gayle Woods

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