Upper Room

The Upper Room was a special place for the disciples. Upon hearing that Jesus has resurrected from the dead they gathered at this place for a number of reasons. Some were afraid. Some wanted answers. Some needed consolation. Some felt weak. With their varied needs they converged on this special place. They didn’t understand what they had seen and heard. One thing they knew. Jesus was the answer. They had to but bring their questions to Him.

This section of the website is designed with that in mind. When the disciples gathered in the Upper Room they spent time praying, worshiping God, studying the scriptures and enjoying the fellowship of the saints. As a result they were strengthed spiritually.

We desire to see you become strong in spirit. In this section of the website you will find a current prayer request list of needs that have been expressed by the people at Cornerstone. We hope that you will come daily to the prayer list and spend time talking to God about each of the needs. There is a page with a devotional for the day to inspire and encourage you. You will find a page with a “Read Through The Bible In A Year” chart to help you keep on course in your daily reading of God’s Word. If you are preparing for a Bible Study or just want to do some indepth search of God’s Word we encourage you to visit the “Internet Resource Library” page. We also will endeavor to keep a current recommended reading list they may include short book reviews.

Be sure to visit the Upper Room often! You are sure to benefit spiritual as it becomes a friendly place for you.