Cornerstone (COGH)

Cornerstone (COGH)


The Bible says, “Come to Christ who is the living Cornerstone.” (1 Peter 2:4-6) Cornerstone may be defined as “the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed.” Christ truly is the “living Cornerstone” of our lives. He is the chief reference point for all Christians. He is the purpose for the existence of our local church. For this reason we are proud to bear the name “Cornerstone Church of God (Holiness)”. It is our desire to honor Him in all that we do or say.

Our personal commitment to Jesus Christ influences all that we do at Cornerstone. This is reflected in our mission statement which says:

With Christ as our Head, our church exists to magnify God by:
……*Reaching the lost with the plan of salvation
……*Leading born-again believers into Christian perfection
……*Equipping Christians for God’s service by teaching the whole counsel of God with an emphasis on holy living.
Because of this mission we endeavor to minister to all age groups in a significant manner. The children as well as the aged are given special attention because all people regardless of age, ethnicity, education or status in life are precious in the eyes of God. When you come to Cornerstone this will be very noticeable.

Our worship of God and our love for each other is expressed in our enthusiastic worship, our energizing fellowship, and our eagerness to learn more about God. Our services are filled with the music of praise that glorifies the Lord. The relevant preaching of God’s Word is an essential element of our services, as we seek to help you find God’s will for your daily life.

Our growing church offers a wide variety of activities that are both Christ centered and fun for you and your family. To put it in a nutshell Cornerstone has a lot to offer.

Browse through our website. Learn all you can about us and then join us at Cornerstone next Sunday!