As we endeavor to serve the people of Cornerstone, our desire is to minister to the “whole” person. The Church is not a building or an institution. The Bible describes it as being “the body of Christ” and He is the Head of the body. (See Ephesians 5:23) Therefore, while a lot that takes place at Cornerstone is spiritual in nature, such as Bible Study, Preaching, Worship, etc. we have many other activities that are spiritual in another sense. We are spiritual beings whether we are singing a hymn or playing a game of basketball.



Being a body means that the Church is also a cohesive unit. We stick together, we work together in unity, we assist each other accomplish common goals, we hurt when others hurt and we rejoice when they prosper. The Church is a family in its truest sense. At Cornerstone we endeavor to minister to the whole family as well as the family of God.

These basic philosophical and Biblical understandings guide us as we try to provide a means for the people at Cornerstone to develop in character, in their relationships with others and in their relationship with God. The Nursery is not just a place of convenience for a weary mother. It is a means of ministry. The Kidz Klub is not just a night when kids get together to party, yell and play. It is a means of ministry. The Jr. Church is not just a way to remove the noise and restlessness of youth from the main sanctuary so adults can worship. Kid’s Church is a means of ministry. The Men’s Brunch is not just an excuse to get out of the house and spend time with the guys. It is a means of ministry. The Ladies’ Fellowship is not just a place to go to work on crafts or spend time gossiping.  It is a means of ministry. The men’s sports activities such as the basketball league, etc are not just a way to get some exercise and have fun. They are means of ministry.



In the following pages of this section we will try to briefly explain each of these ministries and show you some pictures of a few of the things that are taking place. Until you come and become a part of these activities, however, you and other members of your family are never going to know the full benefit of being a member at Cornerstone.

Get involved today! You will be glad you did!