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Made New In Christ

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Col 3:3-11 (10)

The men in the Woods family laugh and bear it. There is no reason to deny the fact that if you have seen one of the Woods family you have seen them all. We could have a random changing of noses and no one would notice that anything had changed in our appearance. We bear a resemblance that is unmistakable.

My first grandson, Joshua Gayle Woods, was born December 24, 2001. The discussion among the ladies followed the well worn path of former discussions. AI think that he has Becky’s nose and ears.” AI think he has Jonathan’s eyes.” Feeling a little mischievous I picked up Joshua and held his face next to mine and said, “Can’t you see the resemblance?”

In like manner, there must be a resemblance that is clear when people look at our character, our priorities, our ethics and our purpose for living. When they look at us they must see a resemblance of Jesus. When we are “born from above” we are made in the likeness of our Lord. When we become a “living sacrifice” we are conformed to His image. Our lives are to be a mirrored image of the One we serve. He alone must be seen when people look at us. This only becomes possible in the serious pursuit of holiness.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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