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The Deceptive Spirit

December 31st, 2009 No comments

II Kings 5:20‑27 (20)

I was an only child so it was always a treat to have visitors.  This evening my cousins came to visit.  What made it even more special was that they brought some toys among which was a new football.  I did not have a football.  I loved the game.  Toys were soon scattered everywhere.  At one point I saw the football roll under my parent’s bed.  A plan was conceived.  When it came time for my cousins to leave they began to gather their toys. Everything was found except the football.  We looked everywhere.  Finally the search was given up.  My parents said that when we found the ball we would put it aside to return the next time we saw them.

For some reason I looked under my parent’s bed after my cousins left and there was the football!  I told my parents what I found and to my chagrin they put it away so that it would not be lost again.  I didn’t even get to play with the football!  A terrible choice made by a little boy.

A deceptive spirit is always disappointing to those who have placed trust in you.  A deceptive spirit is usually damaging to the potential of a relationship. Although we may fool our friends at times God is never fooled and judgment for sin is certain.

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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A Prayer for God’s Power

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Numbers 14:13-19 (17)

The young man was busily installing a window air conditioner in his home. He wanted his visiting parents to be comfortable. He placed the case in the window and then carefully secured and braced it. The opening on either side of the casing was then measured, filled and chalked. Finally he was ready to place the air conditioner into the case. He maneuvered the heavy appliance into place in front of the window. Next he lifted the back of the air conditioner onto the edge of the case. Reaching down he tried to lift the front up so that he could slide it into the case. Then unexpectedly one corner of the air conditioner slipped off the case. The weight of the appliance jerked the young man off balance. Using all his strength, he awkwardly held the tilting hunk of steel in place. His mind raced. What should he do? It was then that the unpremeditated cry sprang to his lips, “DAD, come and help me quickly!”

So many times we try to work out all the details in our lives. We seem to do well for awhile. Then things go wrong. At that time we cry out, “God, help me!” What we know and yet repeatedly seem to forget is that He would come to our aid before we get into a crisis situation if we would just call upon Him.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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