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Strangers and Pilgrims

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Heb. 11:1-13 (13)

Have you ever been to a foreign country? The only countries that I have been in beside the United States of America include Canada, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Myanmar (Burma). I had the same experience in all of these foreign countries.

Although my visits to these foreign countries were brief and beneficial, I had an inner longing to return to my home in the United States of America. It was there that I felt the tension disperse from my body. I reminded myself that I had freedoms and privileges that even other free countries envy. This also reminded me that although I love my country and at home here . . . in a real sense I am not at home. I am only a pilgrim, a stranger passing through. My citizenship is in heaven. One day a King came to visit and saw that I was an orphan, helpless and alone. In love, pity and mercy He adopted me and made me His son. At that time He gave me citizenship in His country. Since that time I have been trying to learn to be like His only begotten Son because I want to be well prepared to enter the Pearly White city and enjoy my citizenship in heaven forever!

Dr. Gayle Woods

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