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Wanting to Want to . . .

Psa 37:3-7

Where do rest and closure fit in the Christian’s life? It is important to us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to get proper rest, relaxation, and recreation. If we push continually at Christian service we will burn out.

A good and godly Christian man once told me, “I want to want to serve the Lord.” He loved God but he was worn out. He was burnt out spiritually and emotionally. He said, “I wake up on Sunday mornings trying to think of ways to excuse myself from going to church and doing the many things that are required of me in ministry.” That is not good. We do need rest.

If we get the proper rest we will not be longing for a premature closure. What do I mean? Simply that if we are balanced in our Christian life, our devotional life and our life of service for God, we will not long to find a way to excuse ourselves from ministry. We will never come to the place where we are wanting to be uncommitted or unconcerned.

There should never come a time in our Christian life when:

1. We go to Church only when we feel like it or we know there will be an interesting program.
2. We always have an excuse for not being involved in service for God . . . whether it be calling, inviting people to Church, teaching, helping in the services, singing a special song or ……………………………… many other possibilities.
3. We think that at some magical age it is permissible to become a spectator for Christ.

The Psalmist says that if we trust, delight, commit and rest in the Lord that He will take care of us. Christian service is a never ending commitment. It is not a part time pastime exercise. It demands our energy, our concentration, and our love.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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