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Reason and Rules

Romans 14:13-16 (15)

David and Jonathan both played soccer. Ben was four-years-old and this season he would be able to play as well. I signed him up with a team in the pee wee league and took him to the first practice. As a proud father I stood to the side and listen as the coach gave the little soccer players his list of rules for the team. Toward the end of the presentation I heard him say, “And I want you all to wear shorts when you play for me.” I saw Ben’s crestfallen look and knew I had to talk to the coach. After the practice I went to the coach and told him that I did not allow my boys to wear shorts. If shorts were required then I would have to withdraw him from the team. The coach was very gracious and made a concession for our family allowing Ben to wear long pants when he played.

Unfortunately not all Christians are as gracious as this soccer coach. When Christ has freed us from the rules and regulations that bind some we must be careful not to flaunt our liberty in Christ. We must guard their conscience by restricting our own freedom. We should never cause another to feel the condemnation of a guilty conscience because of our demand to exercise our Christian liberty. This is act of disregard outside the scope of divine love.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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