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Called Love

John 21:1-17

We lost our cat. Oh, we know where he is. He is in the neighbor’s house next to where we used to live. We lost our cat? Yes, because of love. He was a good old cat. I even kind of liked him. That is saying a LOT. My wife and boys loved him. When we moved, however, we knew that we were going to have to do something with “Kitty.” It was when we mentioned this to our neighbor that we found that during those times when “Kitty” would disappear he was actually next door in our neighbor’s house playing with her cat. The neighbor had even been feeding “Kitty.” So, when our neighbor asked if she could have “Kitty” and showed such love and compassion in her request it seemed natural to say, “Yes.”

Jesus made a similar comparison. He called us sheep. This is not a compliment at all! Sheep are pretty dumb and completely dependable. They need someone to care for them. He was leaving, however, and needed someone to care for His “pets.” Feed my sheep. That is a call to ministry. That is a call to love. Jesus dearly loves His sheep and wants His love channeled through us to His “pets.” His call includes finding lost sheep (evangelism), and protecting/ feeding sheep (discipleship). When He returns from His trip He will hold us accountable for how well we have done in caring for His “pets.”

Dr. Gayle Woods

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