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Possession and Deliverance

Mark 5:8-14

Her possession probably resulted from attendance at seances, drug usage and an insatiable interest in rock music. She carved tattoos into her flesh with a knife. She drew pictures depicting suicide, death and horror. Her favorite topics of conversation were those dealing with the macabre. At times she was charming, docile and sweet. At other times her possession was evident to all who knew her well. Counseling sessions and the prayers of many friends seemed ineffective. Her parents were at the point of despair.

For quite some time a small group had been praying and fasting for her. They read much about possession and exorcism. Finally, they decided it was time to do spiritual battle. They gathered at her home to pray. Her closest friend persuaded her to come out of her room. Those on their knees pled the blood for their own protection. They commanded the demons in Jesus name to state their identity. One by one the demons gave their names. As long as each demon was present and resisting, the girl could not bear to have the Bible touch her. Each time a demon departed she was temporarily at peace and the Bible rested on her with no resistance.

This warfare continued throughout the night until finally no more demons declared their presence. There was now no more resistance to the touch of the Bible. Immediately the prayer group led the girl to pray for her salvation. It was important that she be forgiven of her sinfulness.

Only through the power of God can people be delivered from sin. Whether it be the smallest sin or the greatest possession, deliverance only comes through Jesus.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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