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An Intercessory Prayer

Ex 32:30-35 (32)

Great Christian leaders are people who know the power of prayer. Those who have been able to motivate intercessors are doubly blessed. Charles G. Finney, one of the most effective evangelists of the last century, met Daniel Nash early in his ministry. Father Nash, as he was called, became Finney’s personal intercessor and would frequently travel with him and pray while Finney preached.

John Hyde, missionary, and known as praying John Hyde had a dual ministry. He interceded for the lost but also had the gift of personal evangelism. What a combination! He would pray for a certain number of people to be saved. That day he would go out to lead them to the Lord.

One of Billy Graham’s prayer partners is Pearl Goode. Graham attributes much of the evangelistic power of his ministry to this faithful intercessor. Face it, Graham is not a very good preacher. Is he an effective preacher? Do many people respond to his invitations? Why are the simple sermons that Billy Graham preaches so powerful? He has an intercessor behind the scenes.

Oh that God would give every pastor, missionary, Christian leader, Bible school administrator and teacher their own personal intercessor! No question exists in the minds of those who have experienced it; committed, faithful intercession brings increased spiritual power to Christian ministries.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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