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A Preserved Life

Ex 2:1-10: (5b,6)

The Doctor had amazing news for our family. “Our X-Rays of Gayle’s spine indicate that he had TB when he was a baby. “For some reason he was cured.”

One weekend I was returning to Mt. Zion Bible School after a visit to my parents. As I topped a hill on the gravel road it took a sudden turn to the right. The car went into a skid. Coming to the edge of the ditch the car began to roll over. The door on the driver’s side flew open and I was thrown out. I lay on my back beside the car. I watched the car teetering on the edge of the ditch. Would it roll over on to me?

A third incident occurred in my Senior year of High School. The boys took a trip to a nearby rock quarry to go swimming. In an attempt to swim across the quarry with my friend, I ran out of steam and began to go under.

A fourth thing happened that year. God showed me that He had preserved my life for a purpose. He wanted me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God preserved Moses’ life for a purpose. He continues to preserve the lives those who He wishes to use in ministry. Has He guarded your life for a reason?

Dr. Gayle Woods

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