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Faithfulness in Suffering

2 Cor 11:22-33 (30)

Some days I could not remember no matter how hard I tried. I will never forget one particular day, however. I was a high school senior at Mt. Zion Bible School. Mary Kimbrough and I stood on the campus behind the boys dorm. I held the brand new book that she had written in my hands. It was titled, “His Way With Me.” I had just asked her to autograph the book and now I watched as she took the pen in knurled hands. The crooked fingers struggled to clutch the pen. As a missionary to India and later Jamaica, she suffered many physical afflictions. Even though this was the case she did not give up or give in. Her flesh may have been weak but her spirit was strong. As she wrote she cheerful and optimistically spoke of her work for the Lord as a missionary. She encouraged me to serve God faithfully. She didn’t say, “Serve even if you hurt,” but she was a living example of one who did not complain as she faithfully gave every ounce of her energy for the service of her Lord. “God, please teach me to follow examples like this in faithfulness! When I don’t feel good help me to ignore this and continue to do what is needed that others might be able to hear the message that Jesus saves.”

Dr. Gayle Woods

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