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God’s Way of Wisdom

Jas. 3:13-18 (17)

I just saw holiness walking in shoe leather. An unhappy but holy student just left my office.

He came to contest a decision an employee had made. As I listened to the explanation and request, the matter seemed to be reasonable. I wondered at the rigid inflexibility of my employee. I turned to the section of the Student Handbook in question.

As I read I noticed two things: First, the specific situation which had been described differed from the focus of the rule. Secondly, I noticed that the employee was given the authority to make a judgment in cases that were not covered completely by the list of rules. This is what the employee had done. Although the request of the student seemed reasonable to me, the employee had made a judgment following the principles in the guideline that could not be faulted.

I explained this to the student. I could clearly see disappointment in his eyes. But then he pleased me. I was extremely proud of his response. He said, “Well, I will obey the rules.” His attitude and actions exemplified the Christ that he served.

For holiness to be liveable it must be practical. That is why it is so easy to follow the direction of the Word of God and the example of our Lord.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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