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Put On Christlikeness

Col. 3:12-17 (12)

When the caterpillar began to break through the crust of his cocoon he looked different! It was amazing! A change had taken place. Now he had wings! He was beautiful! No longer was he satisfied to crawl through the dirt. Now he would soar daintily in the breeze above the disgusting filth below. He would only stop in flight to gain rest or nourishment. It was different now. He had been transformed.

When I left the altar of repentance I was also different. God had forgiven me for the sinful life that I had lived. He also made me righteous. He gave me a reputation to live up to – Christs. He set a standard of holiness before me and told me in His Word that this was what was expected of me. I immediately began to do my best to please Him. My habits had to be changed. My associations with the world were severely altered. My appetite and my attention were now on spiritual things – the things of God.

Was this a negative experience for me? Yes. But it was also a wonderfully positive experience. Old things were passed away… the old self was abandoned… the old way of living came to a stop. But all things became new. Nothing compares to living a holy life for Jesus Christ!

Dr. Gayle Woods

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