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The Blessings of Forgiveness

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Psa 32:(1)-11

As I teenager I was riding with my friend in his dads car. He asked, “Would you like to drive?” Sure, I said. I was too young to drive but we were driving out in the field so it seemed to be harmless and legal. I was having a great time until I ran over the stump of an old tree. We got out and looked at the car and saw that the underside of the body was bent. I have no remembrance of the occasion following that. In fact it was not until years later that I was in chapel service at Kansas City College and Bible School that I even remembered the incident. God moved on the service and I went to the altar to pray for other students. While there God brought the incident to my mind and I knew that I needed to talk to my friend’s father. Later that day I saw him and told him what had happened. I asked how much money I owed him to make things right. He thanks me for my confession and told me that he no longer had the car. I was told that I owed nothing. God’s forgiveness is just as complete. When we confess our sins He totally forgives. His sacrifice on the cross was sufficient to appease the wrath of God and offset the judgment against our offense. We owe nothing except love to this One who freely forgives.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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