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Put Off the Old Man

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Col. 3:5-11 (5).

Fascinated, I watched the little caterpillar crawling slowly, laboriously along. It seemed that it would take it forever to get to its destination. It didn’t even know it was crawling through the dirt! Neither did it realize it was very vulnerable to the hungry birds. The little creature just continued to do what it thought it needed to do to keep alive.

I knew something about its life that it did not even know. A transformation was necessary. It needed to die to its old life and come alive as a new creature. I marveled at that miracle in nature.

In much the same way I crawled along through the slime and sludge of sin. I thought I was doing what was important. People seemed to be in favor of my activity. I didnt know my existence was in danger.

Then Holy Spirit arrested my attention. I saw that my life needed to come an end. I crawled into the cocoon of God’s mercy and died to myself. I cried out in repentance. He heard my prayer and changed me into someone new. Now I was holy! I was innocent as I had been before I had first learned to crawl through the dredge of sin. Now I was free! Now I was clean!

Dr. Gayle Woods

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