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The Great Giver

July 21st, 2009 No comments

John 3:16

No one can out give God. He began at Creation. There He gave mankind life. He gave all that was necessary to sustain human life. Beyond that He gave mankind a chance and a choice whereby humanity could have a great life enjoying an intimate relationship with God.

The human race failed to see the significance of the chance and the choice that was theirs for the taking. A few came to know God in a special way. In time God gave again. This time He gave His only begotten Son who came to die on a Cross so that once again mankind could know the offer of a chance and a choice. The offer is still available to all who will accept it. The offer extends a chance to those who will make a choice to enjoy a great life in Christ.

In addition to these tremendous gifts God gave mankind the Church. The Church is the sum total of those who have made a choice to enjoy an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of His sacrifice on the Cross forgiveness is available to any who will turn from sin and allow Him to be the Lord and Savior of their life.

But God continued to give. He gave the Church the Comforter. The Holy Spirit, known also as the Comforter is given to the Church so that all who have been forgiven of a sinful life and have rejected sinfulness to live for Christ can now know an abundant life. Once again God has given us a chance and a choice. This choice is to admit the corruption of the nature as a result of the original sin in the Garden, asking God to cleanse the nature while filling the void with the fullness of Himself. Life in the Spirit is known in full as the believer is made as God originally intended mankind.

No one can out give God. It is for us to receive. He only expects obedience and complete submission to His will in return.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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Risen With Christ

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Col 2:1-12 (12)

If I ever saw redemptive lift it was in the life of Cleo. When I first found him he was poverty stricken, degraded, discouraged, and full of the devil. He drank, smoked, cussed, had pornography within easy reach of his chair… or his children. He had no job and didn’t care. He was lost and a loser.

Cleo, Bobbie and the kids started coming to church. Finally the day came when they prayed through at the altar. A radical change took place. No only was Cleo saved but he was changed! The cigarettes and the booze were thrown out. His language changed. His reading material changed. He got a job. He started to dress better. He had been risen with Christ. This meant that he was raised out of the depths of a sinful life to life in Christ. But this also meant that his lifestyle was altered which caused his thinking, his economy, his behavior, his demeanor and his appearance to be raised to another level as well.

Resurrection in Christ is truly a miraculous event in an individual’s life.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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