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More is Better

December 31st, 2009 No comments

II Kings 2:1‑12 (9)

Elijah the senior prophet made such a profound impression upon the junior prophet Elisha that when he died Elisha’s last request was that he could have a “double portion of his spirit.”  To want to be like someone is impressive.  To want to have their spirit doubled tells of the awesome influence Elijah wielded.

Quite often you can assume what people have made an impression on people by who they quote.  Sometimes this is even seen in physical mannerisms that are unknowingly assumed.  During my college days at Kansas City College and Bible School I was privileged to sit under the teaching of some men of great spiritual prowess.  I have noticed since those days that students who attended the college with me were marked by these men as well.  A pithy quote from Dr. Omar Lee is often tossed into a conversations by one of his former students.  Many are the stories that are shared in and out of the pulpit by Dr. Robert E. Carroll’s preacher boys.  The classes that began on our knees and continued on through the next period are memories that glow brightly.

To know people of spiritual stature is noteworthy.  To emulate them desiring to attain spiritual vistas that they were unable to reach is desirable.  “Lord, could we have a double portion of their spirit?”

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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Leaving the Land of Bondage

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Acts 7:35-39 (36)

I was staring at my computer screen when I heard a persistent alarm bell. School had just begun a few weeks before at Kansas City College and Bible School. This was my first year to work at the school. Rising from my desk I stepped out of the door to see what was taking place. Here they came, teachers and children poured out of the classroom buildings. We were having a fire drill.

As I considered this I was struck with the efficiency of the operation. The school could be emptied in a matter of a few seconds without anybody running, pushing or getting excited. How was it done? By instruction, preparation, and example. The teachers were instructed concerning procedure. They passed this on to their students and then led them calmly and authoritatively out of the building when the alarm was sounded.

In like manner God delegates responsibilities to His people. He expects us to be leaders. We are to lead people to Him. What we know or don=t know about the Bible and Jesus Christ will have an effect on the people we speak to. Our example should always be a high priority. People watch our lives and often decide for our against Christ by what they see in us.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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