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Prayer for Sanctification

July 21st, 2009 No comments

1 Thessalonians 5:11-24 (23)

I really have nothing against Ramblers. In fact, I liked our fire engine red “Hornet” Rambler. The only problem was that I worked on it all the time to keep it going. One of the men of the church must have noticed that the pastor’s car was often on ramps. He dropped by for a visit one morning and began to tell me a story that would have made a best selling novel. He had been a rear gunner on an airplane during the war. On one of the raids his plane was shot down behind enemy lines. For quite a long time he hid during the day and walked at night trying to get out of enemy territory. This American hero wept as he told me how God spared him, protected him, and provided for him. Then abruptly he changed the subject. “God told me to give you a car. It is two years old but has very few miles and is in good condition.” I was speechless. God had provided once again. In that case He had answered a prayer I had not yet given. When God tells us He will provide He means it. He stands by His word. And, when you ask Him to entirely sanctify you He will also do that cleansing, filling work in your heart and life. “He that calleth you will also do it.”

Dr. Gayle Woods

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