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God’s Gift

July 21st, 2009 No comments

John 4:7-(10)

While constructing a new stairway at our house I ordered a dumpster so we could dispose of the old concrete. The transaction was made. I agreed to the price. When the job was complete the company picked up the dumpster and I paid the bill. To my surprise I received another bill a few weeks later for almost twice the amount of the price I had agreed to pay. I called to question the account. I was told that I was being assessed an overweight charge. I had not been told of an overweight charge and had not agreed to pay an extra fee. If had known I would have disposed of the excess material by other means. The accountant told me to write a letter disputing the account. I wrote a letter. I received a bill with interest. I wrote another letter. I received another bill with interest. I called to question the account again. I was told that the bill was in error and that I had a zero balance. I was amazed. I had expected much less. I was planning to compromise on the price. Yet, by asking I received much more than I expected. In like manner, when we come to God asking for deliverance from our old account of sin, He does much more for us than we would ever hope. He doesn’t just relieve the guilt, or only forgive our sins. He adopts us into His family making us an heir.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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