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It was about me

June 8th, 2012 No comments

Evidently Rick Warren and Max Lucado read from the same script. The first words in Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” state “It’s not about you.” Max Lucado echoes this thought in his book, It’s Not About Me, by devoting the whole volume to the subject. “Not” is a big exclusive word. Is this statement by Rick Warren and Max Lucado totally correct? I appreciate the concept. I am humbled by the realization that too often our lives, thoughts and ambitions are self-centered. My being readily responds in praise to God when I am reminded that He is the center of my universe. My desire is that His will be done. I bow in adoration before the One who really matters in a world obsessed with selfish considerations. But I must honestly ask myself once again, “Is it only about Him?”

I ask this question which I fear will appear to be irreverent and self-serving. I take that risk because I believe the scriptures go beyond the concept of the worthlessness of humanity. I do not believe that God has these deprecating thoughts about those that He has created.

Is it ultimately about Him? Absolutely. On the other hand, it is largely about you and me. Didn’t John record the fact that God considered every human being was of great value? John 3:16 says For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Didn’t Paul remind us of this great love when he said, Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God didn’t wait to impart righteousness to us before He commended His love.

It was about me after all. It was so much about me that He decided to suffer the extreme humiliation of putting aside His divinity long enough to suffer the ravages of humanity. It was about me after all. It was so much about me that “God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin , condemned sin in the flesh” (Rom 8:3) so that I could experience deliverance, holiness and divine love.
I think that God would say that it is about me.


Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, (Grand Rapids: 2002), p. 17. It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado (Integrity: 2004).

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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Fear the Name of God

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Deuteronomy 28:58-64(58)

I am afraid of heights. No. I am terrified of heights.

I needed to work on my two-story house in Kansas City. The strategy I had planned didn=t slow down the elephants tromping around in my stomach. I purchased some eye hooks, clamps and strap. Reaching the second story I would screw the eye hooks into the window casing, attach the strap which now had clamps at both ends to the eye hook and to my belt. If I lost my footing at least I would not fall . . . very far.

My brother-in-law, an accomplished carpenter came over to give me some assistance. He quickly climbed the ladder. I followed at a safe pace. By the time I reached the roof, I was quaking and the ladder was shaking.

I hesitantly brought my safety device out of my pocket and explained my intention with some embarrassment. He looked it over in disbelief and tossed my plan to the ground. The rest of the day I clung to the roof like a cobweb clings to the hair of an unfortunate person who walks through its ornate design.

This cannot adequately describe the fear that will paralyze the unrepentant as they fall prostrate before the throne of God. We who know Him fear Him differently. Our fear is not terror but of awe and respect mixed with an overwhelming love.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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