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Practical Holy Living

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Rom. 12:9-21 (16)

She walked with brisk steps into the guest bedroom. There was just enough light to see where she could place her suitcase. Then suddenly she saw the other person! She jumped back and whirled around in surprise. There looking at her was her own reflection in the full length wall mirror.

I remember how amused I was when I walked by a group of distorted mirrors. I could hardly recognize myself. One mirror made me look tall and skinny. I liked that one. Another mirror made me look short and fat. I moved on quickly to look at the others. Other people near me were not acting their age. They forgot that they were dignified adults as they admired a strange image of themselves.

I sometimes wonder if Jesus is startled or feels chagrin when He sees the image of Himself that we portray by our conduct. When people look upon our lives they should see a perfect likeness of Jesus Christ. Holiness is a reflection of Christ living in our lives. I wonder if they recognize Christ when they look at our lives. Does Christ even recognize Himself when He looks in the mirror of our lives? I wonder.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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