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Faith Rewarded

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Mark 5:25-34

I did not know her, but I pastored him. Arthur’s mother had prayed for her wicked and wayward son without ceasing for years. He was raised in a holiness home and attended a holiness church regularly all of his younger years. He was ornery but not mean. He was rebellious but not evil. Church and spiritual matters held little interest for him as a boy. He did, however, enjoy the fun that he could have at church and was known for his practical jokes and ornery pranks.

Haley Stokes made a great impression on Arthur’s young mind as he stormed in the pulpit. Hell fire and graphic descriptions of the evils of society made the young boy squirm but did not bring him to repentance.

Often he came home late at night after a rollicking evening of sin. Then the discomfort of conviction would settle upon him as he heard his mother praying . . . for the salvation of her lost son.

Unfortunately she never knew the Arthur that I knew. Long before I first met Arthur, she went to heaven. He regretted his willful life and repented of his sins. His love for fun and his ready wit often surfaced when he testified of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The many hours of prayer, the ache of a longing heart and the insistent faith of a little saintly woman bore fruit long after her own departure. This example joins many others who have not known the rewards of faith in this life but nevertheless have left a legacy for us to follow.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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Reigning with Christ

July 21st, 2009 No comments

Rev. 10:1-6 (4)

Eleven-year-old prince Arthur was amazed! This had to be the highest mountain in the world. The entourage stopped their horses long enough to look at the magnificent sight.

Immediately Arthur wanted to know. “Has anyone climbed it?” No one had. It wasn’t possible. That was all that was needed to make up Arthur’s mind. As Arthur rode off toward the mountain Cai begged permission to follow his friend. Ectorius was immediately against the idea because his son had one lame leg. Merlin saw the hope in Cai’s eyes and took up the argument. A short time later Cai was permitted to ride after his friend Arthur.

Ectorius and Merlin sat up camp. They waited through that day and the next. Ectorius was beside himself with worry. He griped and grumbled. He was certain that his boy had fallen and was on the side of the mountain bleeding to death. Merlin soothed him again and again.

It wasn’t until after dark that evening that they heard the jubilant call. The boys staggered into camp, bone-weary, but with victory lighting up their countenance. They were heroes.

Cai looked at Arthur and said, “We reached the top. But I never would have made it without him. He carried me most of the time.” Arthur responded, “No don’t say that. We climbed it together – you and I together.”

The bond of friendship that was born that day was to glue the hearts of these two men together so that they fought for the kingdom together – and yes, in a sense reigned together.

The life we face looks hard. It looks impossible. But we have King Jesus as our companion. That makes the difference. When we can’t go any farther He carries us. He takes us to the peak and shows us the glory of a holy life. Because of our love for Him we too will be His right arm. We will serve Him with all loyalty and love.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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