Harmony Hill Youth Camp Trips

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Our young people are important to us.  Our church has a history of sacrificing in order to save our teens.  When the congregation was located in El Monte, CA most summers included a van trip back to youth camp in mid-Missouri.  Many of the church teens were spiritually shaped as a result of these trips.

After the church in El Monte was sold the attendance suffered.  Many of the young people found other places to attend church.  Since the church relocated in Pomona, however, it has been rapidly rebuilding.  Many kids of all ages have found that Cornerstone is their place to be.  In 2010 we finally had enough teens to make the trip to continue to summer youth camp tradition.  You will enjoy some of the highlights in the 2010 HHYC trip video.  It is our intention to add additional videos in future years.

2010 HHYC Trip


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