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What you are missing by not being a part of the Cornerstone family . . .

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Don’t Miss the Dynamic time of Worship on Sunday Mornings!  Enjoy the spirited and inspiring music.  Come expecting something from God as Pastor Jon opens the Word of God to deliver thought provoking and edifying messages.

During the Week we have much for you as well.  Wednesday nights we enjoy a time of refreshment and Pastor Jon gives us messages that are relevant to our daily lives.  On Thursdays Pastor Gayle leads a Bible study designed to help believers grow in their faith.  Following is a sample of what you might expect if you came to one of these studies.

Adult Bible Study – June 23

Is God Mad?

In  Peter 3:16, Peter says that Paul is hard to understand.  We would have to agree.  There are things that Paul says that make us scratch our heads as we try to figure out the depth of his message.  In the following  weeks it will be our mission in the Adult Bible study time on Thursday nights to look at some of the difficult passages of Scripture that Paul writes.

In the Bible Study this week we will consider the question, “IS GOD MAD?”

Paul said, “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth.”  ROMANS 1:18

God’s wrath is difficult both to understand and to believe. For some, the idea of a God of wrath has been a roadblock to faith. For others, who have experienced the transforming grace and love of God in their lives, the idea of God’s wrath has seemed to contradict their experience of God. Can we believe that the God whose unconditional love is revealed “in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8) is at the same time a God of wrath?

Join us Thursday night at 6:30 pm in the pastor’s office for a time of Bible study, food and fellowship.  We will hope that the experience each week proves to be beneficial in your walk with the Lord.

Adult Bible Study – June 30

Do All Things Really work for Good?

In Romans 8:28 Paul said, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

How could he say that with a straight face?  Of course, he hadn’t yet heard about 911.  He didn’t know we were going to have a mass murder of 50 people in a Florida nightclub.  He didn’t know about Katrina and the devastation that disaster caused.

The apparent discrepancy between its profound affirmation of faith and our human experience makes Romans 8:28 one of the difficult sayings of Paul. For how can we see the hand of God at work in the killing of a young child by a drunken driver? Where are God’s loving purposes revealed in the agony of a cancer victim’s last weeks? What measure of good can be discerned in the massacre of a Christian congregation by guerrillas?

All these kinds of experiences and events seem to contradict Paul’s affirmation. It is therefore imperative that we understand what it is Paul is saying and how, in light of his own experience, he was able to say it.  For that reason, we invite you to join us in the Adult Bible study this Thursday night at 6:30 pm as we tackle this enigmatic statement.

On Fridays, Pastor Jon meets with the teens for Bible study, food, fellowship and fun.  Often he takes them on field trips which they thoroughly enjoy.

In addition to the special times of corporate worship on Sundays and Wednesday night, the Bible studies on Thursday night and the Youth Group meetings on Friday nights many enjoyable things take place at Cornerstone.  Here is a sampling of what we are planning for in the near future:

  • July 16 – HHYC Trip Benefit Brunch.
  • July 20 – August 3 – Our young people will travel to Harmony Hill Youth Camp in Missouri.
  • (Other ideas on the boiler plate:  Game night, A Local 1 Day Youth Camp)




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