Weekly Small Groups

The Adult Bible study group meets at the Pastor’s Office on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. This is a time of informal and yet intense Bible study. If you really want to learn more from the Bible and learn how it is relevant to your life be sure to come to this study group.

Currently we are studying “The Bible: Why Does It Endure?”

For centuries the Bible has remained the number one bestselling book worldwide, influencing more people than any other published work. Although millions have honored the Bible as God’s revelation to humanity, its foundations and credibility continue to be challenged. How can an ancient book like the Bible really be considered God-breathed and inspired, offering timeless wisdom to all generations? Why does this collection of 66 books endure?

In this study students will gain a deeper understanding of what is revealed in the ancient manuscripts, what Jesus’ life and words say about the Bible, and what history reveals about the accuracy of the biblical text.