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Saved by the Gospel

Acts 2:41-47

“Now and Long Ago” by Glen Lough, recounts the history of Marion County, West Virginia. In that account the reader is told of Frederick Ice who was an early settler on the South Branch of the Potomac River in Frederick County, Virginia. In 1752 Indians raided his cabin. They killed Frederick’s wife Mary and kidnapped three of his children.

Frederick’s son William lived with the Indians for several years before he finally escaped. He was reunited with his father. Frederick’s daughters, Christina and Marguerite were never to return. Some Indian traders tried to rescue them but that they refused the offer. They both later married Indians and became willing members of the Indian community.

This account parallels the human predicament. We have been kidnapped and enslaved in sin. A rescue has been offered. It is up to each person, however, whether or not the offer will be accepted. We can easily escape the clutches of sin by humbling ourselves and asking for God’s forgiveness. On the other hand, if we insist we can be married to the life of sin and refuse the grace of God.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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