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Riot and Rebellion Against Truth

Acts 19:30-41

Horatio Seymour, was twice the Democratic governor of New York (1853-54, 1863-64). The Democrats even nominated Seymour as their presidential candidate in 1868, but he lost to Ulysses S. Grant. He is best known for his assertion that the Emancipation Proclamation was illegal. He also opposed military draft by the federal government saying it was an unwarranted violation of states’ rights and claimed that the draft law discriminated against New York City. In July 1863, during the Draft Riots in the city, Seymour made a conciliatory speech that led Horace Greeley to denounce him as a Copperhead (a Southern sympathizer), a charge that contributed greatly to his defeat for reelection. The things he opposed are accepted as necessary and true today. We may wonder about people that seem to always be on the opposing side to the stream of society truth and yet we see the same evidenced as people continually take a stance against God’s Word. Today as I traveled I was horrified to hear a radio advertisement paid for by an “Adult” bookstore describing their smutty videos and DVDs. Later I heard a radio announcer sneering as she told how a Jewish radio talk host had protested against certain magazines in a sporting goods store. People strike out at truth daily and yet it will continue to prevail.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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