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Blessed in Christ

Eph 1:4-14 (3)

What does it mean to be blessed in the heavenly realm and to be the recipient of every spiritual blessing. I wish I could understand this in its entirety

An old legend says that at creation the birds felt cheated and hurt because they received wings. Wings appeared to be burdens which none of the other animals were asked to carry. Soon, however, the birds learned that wings were not burdens but blessings that carried them to the sky. Because they had wings they could rise above the earth and see sights which no other animal could see.

Sometimes I just dont feel blessed. Sometimes I compare myself to others and ask “Why?” Eventually I come to my senses and realize that I am blind to my privileges, benefits, and blessings. I have it all in Christ Jesus. No, I am not wealthy. But this life is VERY short and death will promise a wealth that cannot be imagined on earth. No, I am not the most intellectual person and am sometimes humbled in the presence of the brilliant. But I have true and lasting wisdom that I have founding in Jesus Christ! No, I am not as successful in this life as many of my peers. And yet I believe the King of Kings is happy with my work.

I guess I AM blessed beyond measure!

Dr. Gayle Woods

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