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Christ’s Mission

Psalm 147:1-12 (3)

As William Booth walked among the poor, hungry and sick people of London his heard was moved with compassion. The situation seemed to be hopeless. The people were not able to find jobs. They lived in small dilapidated quarters that were deteriorating, vermin infested and dangerous. They were lost and without a Savior. It seemed that know one cared whether they knew that Jesus died for them.

William Booth told his wife, “I have given myself to work for God among those sick souls.” He made up his mind that God would have all there was of William Booth as he tried to bring the needy face to face with Jesus. As a result of this vision and sense of mission a new army was formed. It was soon to be called the Salvation Army.

Every successful work of God has been the result of a man or woman first seeing people through the eyes of Jesus. As they looked upon the degradation, destitution, and depressed situation surround the lives of doomed people they began to realize that the mission of their Master to saved a lost world was also to be their mission.

Until you become more concerned about the condition of the lost than your own comfort or convenience you will never see Christ’s vision or realize His sense of mission.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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