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A Meditation of Gratitude

 Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and gifts of appreciation warm our hearts. When we receive gifts we know that it really IS the thought that counts. Yes, some do give out of obligation, but it is because of the gifts of love and remembrance that our hearts enlarge with the desire to say, “Thanks.”

How do you adequately express gratitude? I am not sure. I continually feel that I fall short when I try to tell people how much their prayers, their moral support, their encouragement, and their help means to me. Often the gifts that are wrapped only with love carry much more meaning than those that are hidden behind ribbons, wrapping paper and bows.

I never will forget the telephone conversation with my four-year-old grandson. He excitedly told me about preschool. He counted, sang the ABC song, quoted Psalm 23, and then began to sing song after song. It was sweet music to my ears. One song that I especially liked, however, has been rebounding against the walls of my memory. He sang in his childlike voice, “God is good, God is good, God is “berry,” “berry,” berry,” “berry” good. God is Good” etc. Those few moments on the phone where a gift I will treasure forever.

I can’t say it any better. Because God is “berry,” “berry” good I can say thanks. He is the great gift giver. He set the pattern. To Him I owe the ultimate word of thanks. Because of Him I enjoy family, friends and the bounty of life. He is “berry,” “berry”, “berry”, “berry” good. Since every good and perfect gift comes from Him, every time I say thanks in life I am actually lifting words of gratitude to my Lord.

by Dr. Gayle Woods

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