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Circumcised in Heart

Eze 44:5-(9)

I was in for a shock the first Sunday at my new pastorate. The rural church had been without a pastor for about two years and the effects of being without a leader were evident. I sat down in my pew to enjoy the preliminaries of the Sunday School service. A lady who did not have the appearance of an acquaintance with the conservative holiness culture walked up to the platform with a song book in her hand. I later discovered that she was not a Christian, BUT her granddaddy had be a founding father of the church. I also discovered that she seldom missed a service, knew everybody in the country and was a gossip.

With a lot of help from God and intestinal fortitude that accompanies immaturity I was able to 1) get a new song leader, 2) convince the church people that they should only elect Christians to positions in the church, and 3) win the lady’s friendship and support.

A person who is involved in the leading of worship to God must be a person who loves God. To give someone a position of leadership just to encourage them to become a part of the church organization is to misunderstand out mission. We are to seek and save the lost.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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