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Risen With Christ

Col 2:1-12 (12)

If I ever saw redemptive lift it was in the life of Cleo. When I first found him he was poverty stricken, degraded, discouraged, and full of the devil. He drank, smoked, cussed, had pornography within easy reach of his chair… or his children. He had no job and didn’t care. He was lost and a loser.

Cleo, Bobbie and the kids started coming to church. Finally the day came when they prayed through at the altar. A radical change took place. No only was Cleo saved but he was changed! The cigarettes and the booze were thrown out. His language changed. His reading material changed. He got a job. He started to dress better. He had been risen with Christ. This meant that he was raised out of the depths of a sinful life to life in Christ. But this also meant that his lifestyle was altered which caused his thinking, his economy, his behavior, his demeanor and his appearance to be raised to another level as well.

Resurrection in Christ is truly a miraculous event in an individual’s life.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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