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Works Enrich Life

1 Tim 6:17-21 (18) … “…that they be rich in good works.”

I asked myself, “Has my life ever been enriched by the good works of another?” Yes, I must say that my life has been enriched. Just by knowing Floyd (Elmer) Lawrence, and watching his life I have been tremendously enriched.

Let me try to explain by giving you a thumbnail sketch… my perception of this remarkable man. Elmer has won his place in the heart of all who know him. He is a devout Christian. This is obvious. You cannot be around Elmer long without hearing him praise the Lord. He is apt to witness to his faith and his love for God. His attitude is that of Philippians 2. He is thankful, thoughtful, hard working, helpful, happy. He is a man who will go to the end of his strength to do what he believes is right. His good works are a billboard expressing his love for God.

Many people in need have been touched by his good works. He delights to reach out to those who are down and out. He is a continual word of encouragement to all that he meets. To know Elmer is to experience the blessing of God.

Dr. Gayle Woods

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